Sliding Glass Partitions

Sliding glass partitions for more transparency.

DORMA Hüppe Varitrans provides the perfect perspective for a generous spatial ambience imbued with modern styling elegance. Solutions implemented with this system create an atmosphere in which people feel comfortable and where communication is positively promoted.

The sliding translucent and transparent glass elements are individually operable and create an overall impression of inviting openness and transparency. Almost any configuration can be accommodated thanks to the exceptional flexibility inherent in the Varitrans system. Attractive glass designs can be incorporated to provide a tailored atmosphere for rooms in which the view is enhanced in every respect.

This type of interior design component is ideal for augmenting interior mobility and flexibility – whether for work or leisure purposes. It is the perfect solution for banks and shopping malls, show rooms and galleries, and even churches and museums. In hotels, restaurants and canteens, the effect of the all-glass partition is as fascinating as it is in foyers, entrance halls and meeting and conference rooms. Once you look into the possibilities, you quickly become aware that the range of applications is almost limitless.

Whilst remaining stylishly inconspicuous, DORMA Hüppe Varitrans glass panels provide an unimpeded view of the entire space. They provide an ideal functional entrance and closure in buildings, engendering a natural atmosphere uniquely enhanced by elegance and spaciousness.

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