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Invotek Element

The Natural Choice

Invotek Element is a monoblock fully relocatable timber framed system utilising a variety of modules. Sustainable materials are used in a combination of hung panels including straw and timber combined with glazed units. Curved units are also available. Fast track installation and relocation is achieved using a simple jointing system.

Real wood veneer framework is available in a variety of finishes including Oak Ash Maple and Beech. Straw, vinyl, real wood veneer, MFC, fabric, polished plaster are among the finishes that can be applied to the hung panels. A wide choice of manifestations as well as film and screen-printing to glass surfaces is also offered.

Imaginative design in the workplace plays a part in the motivation and development of the workforce. Invotek element can create dramatic corporate landscapes that provide a creative and aesthetic environment that communicates quality and attention to detail.