Interior Design

A question of detail

Once the outline proposal has been agreed, we can begin the detailed specification - from colours and materials to fixtures and fittings.

To help you decide on the interior design, we will prepare drawings in both two and three dimensions. Samples and materials will be sourced to help you choose your finishes. Besides finalising the space planning, we will ensure that all the small but potentially snagging technical requirements are considered in our solutions.

The hardest part of changing your working environment is deciding to start the process. When this first step has been taken, Invotek will show you the way.

Technical advances enable ultra quick turnaround...

Technical advances within the technical drawing office have led to clients having the option of installation dates within three weeks of orders - subject to the complexity of the job.

The introduction of highly advanced software coupled with some of the most impressive hardware means:

  • Working drawings are quickly produced, with every detail clearly labelled.
  • Faceted Glasswall shapes are no longer a problem, the labour intensity of this process is nearly eradicated.
  • Flushwall curve is installed nearly as fast as the already quick Flushwall 75 and 100.

The increased productivity has enabled preparation time to be halved, meaning site start dates now, wouldn't even have been contemplated last year!

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